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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Millets mission meet- update

The millets meet on behalf of the state planning commission went on well..very well indeed..well attended by many top govt officials..there were many points that were brain stormed about- on all sides : production, processing, consumption..ofcourse awareness, campaigning, taking to the poor was all discussed..
one of the best attended meets I have been a part of and most of the credit shud indeed go to the present VC. She conducted the meeting also in an amazing manner. TNAU also pitched in heavily, thankfully.

and as always (in restore style) we had a 7 course all-millet, all-organic Lunch!

Kollu Soup  (Horse gram soup)
Thinai Inippu sadham (fox tail sweet pongal)
Varagu Ellu sadham (Kodo millet Till variety rice)
Kudiraivaali Sambar sadham (Barnyard millet sambar rice)
Saamai thayir sadham (Little millet curd rice)
Sigappu ponnanganni poriyal
 Sirudhaniya idly (idlies made out of little millet and barnyard millet; urad)
Kathirikkai kuzhambu (Brinjal sambar)
Nilakadalai thuvayal (Groundnut chutney)
and also
Navadhaniya Kozhukattai: made from kambu, cholam, Ragi, Varagu, Thinai, Saamai, kuthiraivaali, green gram, channa dal, urad dal; coconut and cashew garnished. (Bajra, jowar, ragi, kodo, foxtail, little, barnyard millets, and 3 pulses)

That lunch was very well received, appreciated and enjoyed by all. Thanks to nalla keerai volunteers, Rajamurugan and Dr. MGR catering institute who gave their kitchen free for us to cook and came up with dishes to serve and volunteers too. 
In all a great all round effort. all of us were pleased.   Now to next rounds of taking the whole millets mission forward.


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