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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jan Sansad- peoples assembly!

One of the main reasons for my Delhi visit was to extend solidarity to this Jan sansad..this is an unique event where many individuals, activists and NGOs across India land up and form something called the peoples assembly..
This is more to assert the democratic rights of citizens and for this cause hosts of movements and organisations from across India highlighting the myriads of issues and struggles. Agrarian issues and farmer suicides being close to ASHA,  we were hosting that session on the 4th day of the sansad.

In the process I got to rub shoulders with stalwarts like Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey. Medha Patkar, et al..and each day we had many events and each day culminated with a talk by some special speakers on very different issues..and it would be a special attraction by itself..
you can get to see the various programs and pictures of each day here.

Then there was another event happening in Delhi in these days-  the public hearing on farmer suicides..It was very disturbing though to hear to the victims- farmer widows:-(

Meanwhile one got to see, interact with various MPs and some ministers during this jan sansad..very interesting observations..but thats for another day..
for now had a gala time in Delhi and me back in MAS, getting ready for the next travel..


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