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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Rs5/- veggies: another gem during JPs campaign trail!

as i was walking along in TP Chatiram area along with JP's padayatra, campaigning fro AAP, i see a particular shop..its name and the name board attracts me..(see foto!)

it said 5 rupees veggie shop! and had Gandhis photo!!
so i go and talk to him, first talking about AAP and asking him to vote..
then ask him whats that 5 Rs thingy?
he said he started the shop 3 months before when veggies were priced so high..
so he started a shop where people could buy for 5/- even when tomato was 70-90 per kg or onions were 90/-
that way poor could get some decent quantity of veggies for Rs5/-
he would have a few tomatoes in a small cover and similarly a bunch of most veggies in covers for 5/-
ofcourse he was selling at loss! bcos he just wanted to help the poor..thats why he had opened it near a bunch of slums in TP Chatiram..
today it is not as crowded as it was then! but even today he has very nominal rates and is a very different and happy man!
when I asked him why that gandhi foto on his board, he said his name is also Gandhi and is a big fan of the mahatma..incidentally he is also born on 2nd oct but 100 years later..
what was amazing was that he said " Mahatma has such power u know..just his photo there has so much energy and power..till date not a single police or rowdy has come in here demanding!!"

i was so impressed..he is full of stories and energy! way to go gandhi!


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