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Friday, December 16, 2005

back in chennai..

Am back in Madras and so is the low pressure and rains…man this year rains have decided to drown madras I guess!

Many of u would have been following the hockey tournament here at Madras..I want to attend a couple of matches too..after all it is our national game! But it’s really amazing that the Mayor Radhakrishnan grounds (yeah that depleted shady grounds off Egmore!) has been turned in to an International classy astro turf grounds! Another feather in J’s cap..really, if she puts her mind the outcomes are classy…but…

Back in Blore, a movie by Ramesh Arvind with Kamal called Rama, Shama, Bhama is doing well..its a remake of sathileelavathy from tamil. Iam yet to see that but heard Kamal has freaked out in a north Karnataka kannada accent!! Sounds so genuine and great I heard! This guys as often crosses the bar and really soars so high..dizzy heights?? Again wonder when does he get time? Where will he stop??


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