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Monday, April 17, 2006

A ‘Dry’ subject..

When it was just a couple of weeks since I had returned back home, I happened to visit a friend of mine at his apartments. He was preparing to go to the top floor (mottai maadi) to tie a cloth hanging rope and then to dry his clothes. I wondered why he has to take the rope to tie every time he needs to dry clothes and why not leave the rope there. He said that causes more practical problems like -others drying their cloth to many other complications..I was stunned and told why wud u care if someone used it or not when u r not using it anyways. But he just smiled and shut me saying ‘its just couple of weeks since u r back dear..’ my retort that I was born brought up here did not cut any ice.
Now after so many days I went to his place again and he said he was waiting for me since he wanted a solution from me. See if u can help with a solution!

After my comments last time he decided to leave the rope there on the top floor. Firstly he found it odd to use it fro himself when some people had already put their clothes there for drying..and then came this peculiar addition. Once when he had hung his clothes up for drying and when he went to pick them up after a few hours, he found all his clothes pushed to a corner and theirs majestically hanging. Now what shud he do? How to guess who was the culprit from the 23 other occupants? Wait a few hours there at 40+ degrees till they come and admonish them? Throw all their clothes down in disgust?
So he has resorted to his own tying and untying after each ‘dry’ was he right at the first place? Was I stupid?? (no use shouting a general yes – substantiate)
Such silly issues have no easy! In swiss they used to say that 70% of the community/neighbourhood problems arise from the washing room! We desis have witnessed lotsa interesting stories there..but now and here, am astonished..


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