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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Auto - mas Vs blore

I took an auto from JPnagar to MG Road..wait!! dont ask 'so what'?
its some @ Bangalore the minimum rates have been increased to Rs.12 from Rs.10/ recently.
Now the display on the auto's meter was 50, since his was an old meter this needs conversion to new rates..I in some vague thoughtful gesture (not that otherwise am a maths punter, just that when $$ has to flow out,iam careful;-))told him the new rate shud be 70 and paid which time he went thru some doc in his hand and said it is 60..I told him it shud be 70 and he told me very surely its 60 and then I understood my goof up of taking 2 per km instead of 1 per km..
The point is, imagine what a pleasant surprise this is and compare it to the auto fellas in madras, the perennial fleecers! hmm..

note: add to this the better times of autowallas in Blore returning even Re1 and 20P!


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