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Sunday, April 09, 2006

News round up..

The one that really affects millions is the strike by SBI..what bloody dreams of developed nation, global economy, liberalisation,open market and all those big talks when we still have the commies ruling in vital areas like this. Imagine the bank (hey they have cute Ads –surprisingly SBI -these days stating they have the max ATMs, branches et al..) with the largest retail accounts, the one that is the main banker for most of the state govts and many PSOs and here they are shut for a week now..the reason: the unions & employees want more money..yeah and its all about that extra they want in their it is they have more than other public sector banks and if their income at any time is to be linked to their performance, they wud earn pittance..what a shame these unions and strikes are still here..they really need to be treated like what JJ did a few years back to the state govt eployees, dismmissing more than a lakh of them at a time(but minus that climb down)..I just cant stop fuming at these Ahs..imagine the old and despearate pensioners to salaried govt employees, to various people affected by this mindless strike..meanwhile heard that the FM chidu had intervened and was stern to them..I was too happy to know that he did not mince words and pointed to them that they were indeed unreasonable and also have higher pays an pension schemes..I wish the govt and RBI puts a strong foot and teach these commies a good lesson.. Also saw some news items that many state govts moved their treasuries accnt away from SBI to other banks..good! let them lose a sizable business and let many officers who were on strike be made answerable for loss of business and face salary cuts..grrrt grrrt..Iam reminded of the time when the top swiss banks -UBS and CS generated bad blood and so lost their face amidst the public during the swiss air crisis and hordes of people closed their account in these 2 banks as a mark of protest and opened else where..that shud happen here..

Another news doing lots of noise and a cause for worry is this sudden ‘concern’ the worst singh that we can ever get next to the VP one, arjun singh , talks about reservation, numbers and all that...NO! its not any serious concern to educate the backward and poor people, its just to hoodwink the vote bank..This nasty-than-all-politrixian is trying his old games of polluting the he is trying to expand the reservation only for the OBCs..some crazy stuff, which in a glance I cud only make out that this 50% reservation is aimed for some 50-60% percent of the population! How brighter can u get?? And with this he screws up the atmosphere esp before the polls in 6 states..(ok such numbers cant affect TN bcos they have crossed all imaginations and beat all logical % long back and it’s a supreme court order that is actually holding it by not allowing such reservations to go beyond 100:-)) And we all including this nasty singh knows that its not the real poor people and rural masses who are going to benefit..when they come out for some reservation for yadavs then it’s the sons and d’ters of laloos, mulayams and the richer- than-most yadavs who benefit and not the really deserving yadavs..similarly everywhere.. Just pan ur thoughts to ur college days. Do u remember any worthy deserving student who did get the education bcos of the reservations. I strongly remember in my set almost all those from the quotas were very well to do fellas..may be they really hailed from the deserving castes ( or what ever criteria they needed to get this benefit) but surely not the deserving ones..I mean they wud have any way did Engg (or better higher ed) and more than the graduation bcos they really had all the money and exposure..The really deserving candidate sitting in some rural area wud still be running his father’s cycle shop or idly shop..sigh..sigh..

Looks like Natwar singh & co are nailed..good..he is another unwanted and unbearable nonsense politrixian anyway..good for him..let him never open his noisy ugly mouth again in public.

There is the condom scam going on just to spruce up things, if u think there weren’t (m)any.. yeah..after the stamp paper, fodder now condom scam! Some crores made (or lost depending on which is ur perspective) on condoms.. u can enjoy some dissection on this till we get the next scam..

PS: pl have ur BP checked after a news round my case the handy machine failed:-(


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