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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Dont u think the nexgen is far ahead..see some samples here..
This kid in my neighbourhood is known for his notoriety but we were amused when one day his mom suddenly voiced out, “oh! I have to leave immly. 2moro is my son’s hindi dictation”. Fact 1: he is all of 5 years
Fact 2: he is too good at studies inspite (or is it bcos?) of his notoriety.
So we were stunned at this sudden concerned rush of his mom. Then we came to know that this kid freaks out in hindhi per say like in other subjects but when it comes to dictation he fails. Or I call it freaks out. Its like this: as the teacher dictates he generally fails to write them it seems. So u wud be tempted to think he has not caught the alphabets correctly. No! generally he writes well enough. Even in the dictation he writes the first said word later, 2nd one last, later one earlier (in the gap he has left probably). So the teacher, his mom (and now us) are baffled how he does that! Jumbling the order to the extent that the teacher knows these words were a part of the test but does not know if the marks shud be awarded! Howwzzzaat??

Then there is this smart kid in our n’hood who is coolly beram pesifying (bargaining) for come from 1st floor to give his mom the house key else she has to come up to collect them it seems:-)

Another kid wanted her father to buy 3 chiklets (I forget the brand) and not more or less..This left us wondering and then found out its bcos then only she gets some cardboard top free..(hey..u don’t watch pogo rit?)

My nephew whose family recently moved to Blore said this when asked if he knew kannada – “i know kannada, but can talk only in school, not in house” sappai kattu kings..

There was this kid who got admission in to a tuff school in blore! I was so inquisitive to know how they bagged it and it was bcos: in the school interview as soon as they enetered the princi’s room he was offered a choclate. This kid peels off and even before gobbling it cooly searches for a dustbin..the princi is maha impressed and so no further questions what so ever and he is awarded a seat. So what u may ask, but the parents vouch he has never done it b4 in his who teaches them all these tricks?

Another smart one when told the crocodile and elephant myth story asked “why did the huge elephant shout for god’s help when it had the other 3 legs and cud have stamped the croc ‘nach nach’ and escaped, no?”

There was this soo smart at 7 who asked her grandma when she was narrated the story of Krishna, kamsa et al..she just coolly asked her granny “ if kamsa knew the 8th child is gonna kill him, why did he leave both mrs & mr vasudev in the same prison”..such a question at 7 years – am saying she understood the implication while posing this question, but too much ain’t? and I cud not over hear the granny’s reply to such profound question..sob..sob..


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