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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Deconstructing death riots..

It should all have started like this.
you know the marriage those days were like elaborate (min 3 days)..I see it as a rare opportunity for get-together and partying it all wud have started like marriages – inviting as many and partying as much, ofcourse with limitations like finance, willingness to party, location etc..still it shud have started like that..then some people to prove they are better off (and to proclaim they can beat the limitations of the near and not-so-dear) wud have made elaborate plans..then would have added a few more days, may be few more dishes, may be some song and dance and so on..and it evolved (if one can call it evolution, sigh) to number of kilos of gold becoming a now u sort of get it right – from where to where..simple marriages to simple get togethers to loaded get togethers to statements..
Then some ‘intelligent’ wud have come up with an idea of ‘why the F shud marriages alone be a statement affair’ and so wud have percolated it to death..oh! No! not his own..but may be his kith or he wud have started off giving a good meal then some dance (the TN folks beat all logic here and have band, song and ‘kuthu’ dances)and drink ofcourse..and so this ‘statement’ philosophy penetrated the death scenes too..sigh sigh..

Here’s where the best part of this evolution (sic) comes..So my area biggie has 2 larges more, their area biggie has 30 people more, that neighbourhood biggie has 30 baskets of flower more, here that fella has 100 more mourners, the dance for another was more ferocious..and so this bottomless pit started expanding..

Then our “great civilization” marches in to the 70s..One MR.C.N.Annadurai dies and some 15 million attends his funeral (as recorded by Guiness, wikipedia et al) u know where we stretched it..Then came Indra, rajiv , MGR and all.. So here just numbers wud not suffice right? So the death/funeral was accompanied by riots..
hey! we have so many enterprising youth staying absolutely unemployed and what do we do? Wait for an opportunity and show off our ‘strength’ and ‘capabilities’.. so the number of people killed, number of gaadis burnt, number of shops looted – all became a part of this statistics galore..I happened to witness the rajiv one and MGR one (in chennai) at very close quarters..It’s a shame to mankind..but who cares here?? It’s a part of 'statement' gmen! Who cares if its ur car that’s burnt or who cares if it’s the state run buses that are burnt or who cares if it all falls on our own head in the form of increased tax or who cares if multitudes need to get stuck without buses or trains and who cares if it is women and children who form the maximum percentage of affected and may even have to walk 10s of Kms to reach back..hey u also form part of the “statistics”..
So Now when the thespian Dr.Rajkumar died in Bangalore the statistics out did lotsa earlier those affected, burnt, faced the brunt etc all soared high..
So THE STATEMENT MADE!! The envious neighbours like in TN, AP etc are watching and silently swallowing the shame..
Don’t’s a matter of time and we all know for eg. there is an ageing politician here in TN..yeah I might sound very crude, but we all here know this is his last when “it” happens, man! the great TN folks will come out crores, riot in tonnes, let people suffer in multitude, loot in millions and prove our cultural and civilizational value..Bangalore shall not be on top for long..
And ye alle gmen! Don’t tell me u were not warned..


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