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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WC tibits..

When some kids cry u felt ‘whats up?’ and their mom defends its due to a shortened sleep or disturbed sleep..and u gave a wry look? Ok now just a week in to the WC and just a few interesting matches (infact my interest and enthu did not stay the same after the 1st match- WI Vs pak) and just a few night outs (infact I don’t see beyond 3-4 wkts in to the 2nd innings; once the trend is known am dead flat) am having that same feeling all day..hmm..and come to think of how it wud be after 27th when the WC actually starts..oh! Forget patriotism, any interesting match is worth the watch right?

As for woolmer, its so sad that it happened. He was the guy who (re)wrote the coaching manual for cricket..he really invented innovative coaching and infused life in to cricket..his death is indeed sad and untimely..but if that bookie or other twists passed arnd is true, it’s a sin. I wish it was natural or atleast self inflicted..add to this Inzy’s retirement, akthar and other mavericks, PCBs 'newsenses' and the impending political crises..oh God save pak cric! There was some joke doing rounds about their loss to Ireland. Since they have never won against Inida in a WC, they got confused seeing the same color flags of ireland and lost to them too, ritually!

So our actors er cricketers freaked out and infused interest in to an otherwise deadly boring 1st phase (as I assured u couple of posts back)..the way the bangla match was played it looked like we were minnows and they one of the strongest teams..Iam happy we lost that match. If only we had scraped thru some how we wud have conveniently ignored the basics. Now as usual we will wait with puffed breaths wishing X plays with one player less, Y’s coach becomes blind, Z’s girl friends run away, etc..oh, talk of spice! We rightly add them as always..(I maintain all this even after that Bermuda bashing..if u really watched the 2nd innings of that match close, u wud have wondered where was our captain- sleeping or drugged? Having pushed ourselves to such a jam is it not sensible to be aggressive while bowling/fielding and get ur NRR as + as u can..and here they coolly strolled thru the action..when will these guys learn?)


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