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Thursday, March 15, 2007

YOU are invited..

if u r in Chennai, be there @ kamaraj memorial hall on 18th march'07, sunday 10.00a.m. or if u r abroad, pass this info (cud be ur parents, neighbours, friends, spouse(s??)or just about anybody)..
There is a meeting organised by Exnora to explain about use of RTI (Right to Information act) and its use plus the extension of the same to fight corruption.
Accepted corruption is not going to die just when a few good souls start to raise voice..u cud be as skeptic as me about abolishing corruption, or even more- u might be more passionate about some other causes, but just help them to push ahead, just a silent spectator can help as much as the active participant there..any move to pave way for a clean, good environment for our future generations is welcome..
You can see the full invite here or more info on 5th pillar and its objectives here

a few more snippets:
Mr.Nirmal, a man charged up with hi energy has taken this too along with his other highly motivated objectives like clean environ, recycling waste, green environ etc..such is his hyper energy and enthu it will just push u too in to such a state and participate in those noble causes..
Vijayanand is one such guy motivated by him who is planning to return for good from the US of A (yes, ignoring the $$$ for a cause back home) and wud actively push the 5th pillar anti corruption drive.
When he met prakashraj, the actor and producer with a difference showed so much interest and suggested various ideas, put forth some action plans, proactively called some people in press, other friends of his and has promised there are good souls arnd and may be we can reach 'there' faster..
so be there to hear from such interesting personalities and to just push across a statement that many of us (may be silent spectators, still) are interested in such betterments..

come one! come all!!!


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