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Thursday, March 15, 2007

World cup (no) fever..

Absolutely no fever for this cricket WC..i remember coming here specially for WC in 2003 and what a time it was..everything and every where was cric/ like 'britannia khao WC jhao'..was so famous.WC was all over..this time hardly people know/talk of it..
for all that hype cric lovers wud definetly remember the match we played against Aus (ohh..i woke up at 5, promptly got the reqd 'archanais' from wify for disturbing her sleep esp for cric sake after all..and more teeth gritngs) and then i travel 80kms to watch the match (in CH one did not get cric easily those days) in a friend’s place..only solace was that there were quite a few fools like me and worst- Ind played pathetic..and then we all know what followed:- painting kaif's house, throwing stone @ dravids house etc..let me confes here: i know its so indecent and stupid to do such things..but for all that I underwent to see that match i had a small wry smile when i read the news of painting/stoning etc..NO! I wud not condone it but i did not whole heartedly condemn it either.. but thats old story..inspite of such bad start I did continue on my plans of coming over to India on hols just to watch WC and that I and India went all the up to finals was a good scene, still..
now Iam happy that there is not much fever or fervor for this WC and u cant khao britannia or some phuck and jhao to WC, atleast of what little i see..
but u know what i think inside (deep inside, so that none of u can ridicule it) since most things are ulta (iam back for good, neednt travel so loooong to watch matches, no kaif, no paint, no loses to university B teams-yet, ads by others like shahrukh, surya,goundamanis are still on) i feel India wud indeed go all the way..psst..dont tell any body I wish that..but if they do, tell the world I predicted it so loong ago:-)
while at it lemme tell you, this shud be the boringest cric WC- for its length, for the schedule and esp the teams..but lets all be sure India is one team that can make even these duddoo matches like bermuda, bangla very interesting..3 cheers to blues!

Note: This one was typed one week back and for various reasons known only to blogger and my broandband service provider (the inimitable bsnl) cud not be published! so u know whom to curse, this time..


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