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Monday, August 20, 2007

welcome ICL!

The new cricket league pushed forward by the zee group is moving fast, or so I wud guess seeing the number of loud noises one hears and esp BCCI trying to scuttle it!

hey, ICL already has their website running here and BCCI does not have one till date. If ICL were to only maintain this pace and improve on the professional front, they can only go places.
I wish they do. The BCCI which runs (so badly that is) in a very cheap and unprofessional manner needs competition and cricket also needs such wider coverage and better people to take it forward. (ok, my love for cricket apart, i still maintain that cricket is not a great sport to continue for a country like ours and may be we shud promote hockey, football- smaller and sporty ones. but thats for another day..for now lets talk on ICL)

ICL needs to just go ahead like the England football league, where the lack of good players were replaced by foreigners (same was also taken in to county cricket) and so very healthy and competitive matches resulted, and went on to dominate the game, more than the national or intra-national matches.
way to go ICL, just ensure more professionalism is pumped in and also use the B and C centre grounds and the reverse flow can happen.BCCI cant keep u out of the main cities for long!



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