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Monday, January 14, 2008

Travel round up..

So the travel (travail?) continued..went to nagpur for a week as a part of domestic obligation and so clubbed some more visits..Topping that list of must-see was Sewagram near wardha (some 70kms from Nagpur) where Gandhi spent a few years and that place is still maintained the same..Dont get me wrong, am not a big Gandhi fan but wudnt hate a lot of his ideas but do feel he did let us down with some of his personal preferences thrusted on the nation. Ok, that's for some other day, this place has a 100 acres of land where they carry out Organic farming in some 30 acres..It was very interesting to interact with Ms. Malathy and go around their farm..They are one of the rare places to have organic cotton and so shirts and other clothings made from that! That was interesting and so was their Goshala, compost yard etc..soon I shall be helping them promote their clothings in south here..

As for Nagpur, it's an impressive small town with fewer cars than bikes and so less traffic nuisances. There were lots of theme parks and the one that impressed me the most was an adventure camp that had so many students indulging in various challenging activities. The trek we went on that hill near by and the rappling(rock climbing, infact climbing down with all those gears) and the other activities that I did for the first time was all a great experience. Add to that the gamut of chat items and sweets one gets to indulge in and u know how happy I shud have been at Nagpur!

Then went to Bombay met up with some school mates and spent a couple of days at Lonavala. This is a over hyped place and a boring one at that, wasn't even as cold as pune! The only good places were the parts near Ambi valley (remember that sahara guy's atrociously expensive colony?) and that sunset place, otherwise it was a big let down.

The express way from Bombay to Pune was great, very westernish and so was the scenery all along. No bikes allowed and so was easy for the car guys. The old highway was impressive too.

Pune was cooler but pollution and traffic was bangalore-like and so was a bit tuff..but outskirts and friends made it better..esp the farm house that my friend Dedhe took me to was out of the world and the treks there in those surrounding hills, food we had, walks along the river was amazing..a very refreshing place filled with O2.. added to that was lotsa greenery and hill views on all of the best stays in recent times..

So another 2 weeks went by in traveling, socializing and visiting some interesting folks..

Life goes on off to coorg;-)



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