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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


interesting person!
In my list of interesting persons to meet, this one has been in the pending list for too long..various reasons, nothing that cud justify the delay..but it had to happen..and it did..last week an akasmaath (by chance) meet and then a long scheduled one followed by attending one of his talks(/presentation) end to my surprise..what a depth of info..what amount of data and what a collation..
all u need to do is close ur eyes: did u, now just think of anything- historic facts, old philosophies, myth, religion, famous unfounded theories, ancient sciences of Indian civilisation, veda, ayurveda, evolution, big bang ..just about anything..even the now sensitive Rama topic:-)just shoot any question that comes to your mind..ask anything that has been itching u..
now having done that, close ur eyes again..oh, not so fast, before that check where is his next talk/presentation..go there and now close ur eyes..a 1-3 hour presentation wud have encampused you and enlightened you..
the depth of his collation, the factual data is mind religious, cultural or belief overtures..plain facts..amazing is the only word..
D.K.Hari of Bharathgyan, folks..its amazing if some one so young (hey, any one of my age is young ain't?) cud have such a biiiiig resourceful data bank..
visit his site, get an overview and attend( or even better, organise) any talk and slowly sink in..meanwhile check with me in the days to come about how u or anyone interested cud be of help in this huge project.

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