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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I was full with so many activities (diminutive compared to the deeds of all those interesting folks I had met) and so thought I will carry out some small deeds before I tail some more intresting folks..but kismet had other one more addition to my list..Murali- founder of Sevalaya.. One cannot have any other feeling other than amazement on seeing his achievements. Astonishing accomplishments those..from 5 kids that we knew in early 90s (when he was W’s colleague) to a biiig orphanage housing 150 kids and 60 elders in the oldage home..add to that a 1000 kids that come over to this school from nearby villages..oh, then I forgot- add a mobile library, medical camp, Goshala & organic farm! The first two in this list is for all the villages in the surrounding. Forward integration – did we hear any one say that? Man, this vision in the developmental side that he has bestowed, if it had happened in the corporate world, his wud be a house hold name by now..(It cud still be in his own right, but fewer than it shud actually be)
To think that some one had the gumption to even think of such a project in his teens and to actually start implementing it from 20 and go parallely with a career demanding a big share of his time..and to see where he is today, its just amazing!
So folks, just don’t go away reading this..please participate in that honorable project by sponsoring some wish lists here and also try and donate any of ur (un)used books for their library. That not only helps the inmates but so many villagers bcos of Murali’s audacious value addition like mobile library!

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