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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irreparable loss!

Sujatha! A name that would arouse so many fond memories and emotion for all followers of tamil literature. What a style and what a way he had to cover any incident, event in his inimitable style..all his short stories, novels, sci fics, scripts for movies or just about anything are remarkable..
I feel so bad and sad about his death..I know, even if it had happened after a couple of decades I wud have felt the same..but this loss is something unfathomable for me..many of my friends know, I never stop when ever we talk about sujatha and his wonder that I got so many calls consoling one of those ardent fans who will miss him as long as am alive..
But I know for a fact that he will be ‘alive’ for long with his writing..what with so many of this age writers and even bloggers who in some way or the other have his ‘saayal’..
Its in our memories vividly how he described his first bye pass operation or his latest medical stints, even that Renal thingy at apollo few years back..and what an irony that he was there @ apollo this time too..
After all this is one of the 2 irreplaceable Tamilian losses in my opinion and here we are unable to cope with this loss already!



  • At March 06, 2008 11:20 PM, Blogger Raji said…

    I heard about Sujatha's death only a couple of days back and I was shocked & totally devastated, what a loss ):


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