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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Qwik Round up

The event publicised in prev post went on well, overwhelming response, putting doubts in our mind as to ‘did we over do’ and get more crowd than we cud a way, problem of plenty is always sweet;-) as the Swiss Rail CEO once said famously!
The way forward is to now have the shop space and take the ideals n concept of restore as far and wide as here we move on, with loads of optimism, host of volunteers, tons of good wishe(r)s..those of u interested in whats happening there can check here ( where we wud update regularly..
Elsewhere in cricket, money is pouring in the IPL arena and nobody knows what they are up to..but what caught my eyes was Dhoni not meeting with his obligation with Mysore sandal..Shame shame! For all the money he commands today, prolly he regrets having signed a contract for a pittance (i.e 80 lakhs) in his early days and so is ducking from what happens to the integrity, honesty and sheer fulfilling obligation? Shame on him..atleast hope the ad world learns and play cautious with these money mavericks called I type this I hear they have auctioned Ishant (a novice few matches wonder) for close to 1 million$..
madness! when will they learn?? Esp betting on a young pace bolwer in India is like betting on me to operate your appendix..hmm…
Few weeks back we had to paint my sisters house and so thought its better to outsource it to the paint companies (most of them have a home solutions wing and promise to do the whole – shifting, covering all imp items and painting followed by cleaning as a contract. So we thought that was a good idea nd so signed up with asian paints..oh mi god..what a shoddy work they did and how much of our time they swallowed and what follow ups we had to do...all the talk of professionalism and going thru a corporate was all that - bovine excreta! So folks, if u have to, just hire a few local painters, buy them the stuff and explain them clearly upfront and chances are u wud have got a good job done..this professionalism, contract, neat job etc is all still a long way away here..

To my busy retired life, am as busy as ever with more things to do..apart from activities for restore, visits to various organic farms is still on, involving in interesting projects like SWM for CMC (remember?)and others on behalf of Exnora, help spread organic products awareness etc are all on..
water bodies?? No, the politrix is beating my optimism there..more on that later..

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