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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the meanwhile..

Lots happened since I was here..lack of connectivity, laziness, time all added to the absence..hope am excused another time;-)
Modi was here at madras and I heard him the inimitable yearly meeting of Cho..Modi was there as a special guest in the Thuglak’s yearly jaunt and am happy I heard him..he was matter-of-factly and precise in his stats and achievements..after all one CM means his words and can proudly pronounced them there and rightly received a standing ovation from the elite and nice thuglak readers..
The highlight was CHO’s introduction of Modi..when he had to call Modi to the mike, he said “ I invite the ‘Merchant of Death’ to the mike” and followed by a stunning silence he contd “ yes! The merchant of death to corruption, The merchant of death to nepotism, The merchant of death to to inefficient governance, The merchant of death to to apathy, The merchant of death to pseudo secularism…”
And so stole the show inspite of the glamour value of his guests always..

Then India played to their bill and drew the last the records wud forget all sydney show and call it a series lost.,..and the Bhajji issue is being quietly buried..I find it funny that they are gonna argue he said ‘teri maa ki..’ and not monkey..and actually he shall be pardoned..funny isn’t? anyway since it’s the aussies who are at the receiving end, most are ignoring the veracity of the issue..didnt we used to say cat one time, elephant one time in our college?

I met some interesting folks in the meanwhile and that shall come up in a diff post soon..

Much more happened too: like mushy boys woes continues, yearly Davos sound bytes, Republic day parade and associated bharat ratna noises, sonia’s sudden absence from media galore, sehwag’s return (to form), North India reeling under cold (aaah, effects of screwing our ecology?) Obama giving stiff fight to Hillary and lots..

And in the meanwhile what happened to all those better mortals who used to pen comments here??



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