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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Restore - Bazar 1

Regulars here know of Restore - an initiative to address various issues like environment, organic farming, health, etc and ofcourse about the organic products shop front we planned to have.
While we are still looking out for a shop space in south Madras, we are holding the weekly bazar at a friend's garage in Besant nagar where we shall sell all organic, chemical free poison free food products, organically grown fresh vegetables n fruits, garden inputs, bio & naturally dyed clothing materials, products made out of banana fibre (like file folders, attractive bags etc). This is an unique once a week organic jaunt and we wish chennai folks benefit out of this. If you stay around besantnagar and didn't visit this bazar last saturday, u erred! u missed something good make it next week..
meanwhile see this: (esp click on the 3rd foto and read the poster contents!)

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