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Friday, May 23, 2008

Phone etiquettes

Did u hear that so loud in a hospital or a cinema distracting so many around..did u ever wonder like in so many things we have been bowled over by the tool or a service and
(ab)use heavily with out the slightest indication of what are the dos & donts..
Here I see lots of ‘elite’ ‘white collared’ ‘aristocratic’ offenders!
Can’t we adhere to some basic discipline?
1/ Strict NO to mobiles where ever it is prohibited! (hospitals, gas stations, schools etc)
2/ No loud ring tones at public places
3/ Shift to Silence mode at places like temple, restaurant etc and definitely in meetings.
4/ Talking on a cell phone with one hand on it and a bent head while driving – its chaos and inviting trouble. To see the two wheelers do this perilously riding with the mobile and a side stepped neck hanging is a nightmare.
5/ Lets learn to honor calls. If we gave our number to someone, lets understand we shud also take the call. (We did have the option of not giving our number anyways). Also to note is that any missed call warrants us to call back. Its basic courtesy.
6/ Never ask ur kids (or any youth for that matter) to ever lie on your behalf. That’s a double blow.
7/ No SMS to folks late in the night unless its an emergency and surely not jokes or good night messages. That’s a total abuse of a terrific tool!
8/ finally an anecdote which changed my handling of wrong calls: It was 80s when Madras used to have 6 digit phone numbers. Tambaram started with 40 and adyar with 41. My aunt happened to call from Hyd to my uncle's house. She didn’t know it had apparently landed in to adyar exchange number . She asks for my uncle and the one who received the call asks ‘whom do u want?’ & says 'none by that name here' and she thinks its one of us trying our regular pranks and so says ‘ I can make out fool, give it to uncle’ for which this man says ‘ sorry Iam Jesudas..i think it has wrongly come to my house num’ (last 4 digit being same). YES! The famous singer Jesudas who happened to pick a wrong call but courteously asked from where she was calling and on knowing she was calling from Hyd he said “oh! If that’s urgent tell me, I shall call that tambaram number and convey the message..”in the process stumping my aunt..If such a tall figure can be so courteous we can be even better. Got it?
And we also had this long back ain’t?


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