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Thursday, August 14, 2008


some knife, eh? fully hand made by yours truly! yeah, under the great teachership of Lowel!
remember my solitude workshop? There was the forge too there and this maverick called Lowel was the brain behind that. He is an young fella, school drop out, from Boston, US who is an all in all azhaguraja! a sooper drummer, fantastic farmer, genial cook and above all a prodigal mettalurgist (who cares if that word doesn't exist!). ok, I forget to mention here that he is a great company, but thats ok..theres more..the way he has totally acclimatised to Indian way of life and the ease and no-fuss style of his amazes me no ends. he is one hell of a character!
So some of us from the workshop added this forge thingy also to our schedule and so hand made a knife with the guidance of Lowel. In the process learning more about metal, how iron behaves and more..what could not have been bestowed on us in prolly 4 year course of metallurgy he imparts with such ease.
so now we cut veggies with this in our house:-) a knife made by meself..
I never thought I would ever say ' oh! that Knife? I made it myself''
so here aim ladies and gentleman! pan your eyes up again and see that photo to believe it!

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