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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sadhana Forest

We visited various farms at Auroville during this workshop at Solitude, and of all those interesting places Sadhana stands out.
Infact almost all the organic farms that I have visited in the last years have been unique and amazing in their own style, but one point common is that all of them have some fruits (or results) that are being enjoyed by themselves or the community. They may all have a great vision and might have the ecology in top of their mind. They might practice very enviro friendly methods, but at the end of the day they all are producing some thing for their intake (like rice, millets, veggies, fruits etc). Here at sadhana the main objective is reforestation! They might have the additional activities of building a vegan community, improving the water table of the locale, being a big hub for alternate energy and construction trials but their reforestation stands out. That is purely a very altruistic activity, doing something just to rebuild the lost Tropical Dry Evergreen forest of that area.
Reforesting 70 acres is no joke! A project that only Governments can nurture and here the Israeli couple of Aviram and Yorit are doing that. Their consummate technics in the various areas like compost toilet, vegetable beds, soil enhancement, water conservation, solar energy outfits (even that tandem cycling to charge batteries), nursery etc is mindboggling! Their 7 year old daughter, Osher ,is not only cute but really nature savvy and is the best guide one could get for a tour of Sadhana! Osher does not go to the school like the other kids, but is being ‘educated’ the best and natural way possible at Sadhana itself- a rare education that!
All this is done by volunteers (short and long term) across the globe. The striking fact is that there are more foreigners than IndiansL. I wish, like Yorit, that there shud be more Indians as volunteers here, but hmm…


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