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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

saturday night revelation!

Most of you regulars here know of the Restore's Bazar on saturdays. That's a sapping excercise. Some of us get the last of the packing done early that morn, then move the stuff from Visranti (an old age home at palavakkam where all the grains are processed, packed and stored) to the venue. Then the veggies arrive which is cleaned, sorted, take stock, unload and finally all items are displayed. This whole exercise that starts early in the morning is barely done and its time to open Bazar (4pm!). Then we have our regulars come there in the 1st 2 hours, later on its a trickle. Then we wind up grudgingly thinking more people shud have come, more stuff shud have sold, that shudnt have happened and all that. Then my wify and me set on our journey home after a long tired day.

There on the way on 2 satday nits we saw people flocking at at one particluar place. It was more like a stampede- noisy scene like quarrel. Then the curiosity killed, me that is, and we stopped over to check what the heck is that and its happening every week!(or atleast we see it every satday!).

Hey! that was a TASMAC! TN govt operated Wine shop (BTW why are they wine shop in india while wine is so rarely consumed?). ohmegawd! thats a revelation..more a prick that am yet to come off!

If only we were selling some Rice wine or wheat beer or organic Vodka people wud have been flocking. alas! we are after all sourcing healthy organic products and selling them at Chennai at no profit for the people's good.

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  • At July 15, 2008 5:53 PM, Blogger CVR said…

    If you want to sell it,you got to market it better!
    People wont flock to buy your stuff just because its organic or most righteous thing to do!
    And looking down at your customers by placing yourself at a moral higher ground and acting as if you are doing favour to them does not account as the right mind set to sell things to them!!
    I believe you will do a lot better business with a change in attitude!!
    If you hadnt done good business,thats because you didnt market it better and not because people are shameless....

  • At July 15, 2008 11:06 PM, Blogger Ananthoo said…

    thx for ur visit cvr! those profound words!got them, but..
    its not a businnes btw! yes its a service n favor for the society..that needs long reply tho!
    some questons linger..did tasmac market better? attitude change?
    while am not looking down on the customer am indeed stunned by the flocking lot at tasmac :-)

  • At July 16, 2008 7:05 AM, Blogger CVR said…

    your comparison is wrong!
    you got to compare yourself with other food sellers,organic or otherwise!
    Those people who flocked the Tasmac dont even know there is a "Restore Bazaar".Then how can you blame them for choosing Tasmac over altruistic buying choices??

    If you are not doing something as a business then you shouldnt worry about profits and people buying your stuff.
    If you really want farmers to benefit and if you really think Restore bazaar is the way,then you got take your selling seriously and treat it as a business with better marketing and conventional business strategies!

    BTW,this comment not in response to this blog spot alone.This sorta came up based on my observation in emails and other blog posts!
    I hope you arent offended !! I might sound harsh but spoke out only because i felt that you are failing to notice something here!
    sorry if i had hurt you in anyway! :-)


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