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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dasavatharam dareview

First things first: if u know anyone with some cancer or such like, just take a gun and shoot right at that anatomy and the chances are the bullet shall take away the cancer with it and the patient shall be ok to live long! Ohmeegawd, how did the civilization miss this for so long? But if u think that’s just one absurd thingy in the movie, sorry u shall be heavily disappointed!

Ok, now lets move to caveats. Regulars here know my admiration for kamal here as expressed at various times. So this is not just any hate blog..I did express my doubts about this movie seeing the amount of hype created while blogging on the audio release..( remember aalavandhan, hey ram)
But heart of hearts I was expecting him to belie that and give me a surprise like his devarmagan or anbesivam or gunaa…but my wishes were only wishes, after all..
Btw folks, go ahead and read..there are NO one can do that as there is no story or suspense what so ever.
This prolly is just to massage his ego! A narcist’s delight! He just wanted to showcase his make up skills (ignoring story telling, scrip writing, acting, thinking, all else) and gets carried away to take up any and every role..the only interesting part is, if u go without prior knowledge of the 10 roles, u keep guess which could be kamal..but a few minutes down u guess any role that has some show up time is him! So he ends up doing everything from the villain(fletcher) to old woman to some tall vagueo character to all n sundry..
Its not that there is no positive. Ofcourse the telugu naidu RAW officer role and the Boovaragan – dalit leader roles are exemplary. Body language, accent and the way he carries them is fantastic. But to no avail! There are some very intelligent jokes (like “sir can talk 5 languages, in telugu” “u shall be a new avtar, rather old avtar” etc) and some great hollywoodish movie making. But those are just a few instances.
But again, of the diff roles, Bush etc do not carry the same impressive make up he creates normally. The Tall kalifullah, old woman, villain fletcher etc really show up bad. Make up is really awful and too much and easily shows up. No denial that the Bush’s mannerism and bodylang is fine, ‘but for what’ remains in our minds.
Kamal can take solace in one thing or is it we? Since he prolly realised (or due to lack of time) they have another person sporting the heroine role! That’s Asin and thankfully for kamal she shares the ire for all the time she occupies the screen. Infact when the villain character slaps her in the movie almost all viewers felt delighted and asked for once more!
Iam sure none including the whole crew know why that nambi role, chola kings’ anti-vaishnavism etc are there. Just no relevance. Am sure all those vaishnavite cocks who filed a case are looking silly..they shud be so let down if ever they saw the movie..Somebody please tell me if there is something for that episode to be there in this movie, even at the cost of ridiculing my intelligence/common sense..that was the costliest crap I have seen for sometime (ok, b4 sivaji) now. while u r there also tell me why it took so many years to complete too.
The cost reminds me- oh! This is the most expensive movie from, unless all of the crew was bought some prime property there is no way the cost shud be what they are talking. Or kamal cheated them by saying 10 diff guys acted and took some 10 heroes worth salary.
No story, no pace, no apt screenplay, no music (yeah that really was a bummer! It really fails me why one need himesh of all the people- deva or some Xerox brothers wud have done a gr8 job in comparision), no presentation- no nothing!
A BIG LET DOWN! Inspite of kamal’s execution of some of the roles exemplarily. There is just no relevance or interest.
Sorry kamal, u let me down real bad.
Don’t waste shud come in TV soon.. see it then.



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