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Friday, November 28, 2008

Bombay Blasts II

Its so glaring that we just don’t have a functional intelligence wing at all.
It’s a shame that we have been time and again exposed by terrorists too bloody often and still we just don’t live beyond political rhetorics. Where as the same politicos at a simple drop of a pen acquire more Z++ or what ever cover for themselves, but we the nation can go to hell.
Inspite of some loathful comments by many (like me, the table top variety), enraged comments by all n sundry, we shall all go about our day to day commitments and all that shall be portrayed as the indefatigable Bombay spirit! (one of the best articles in this context I have read is here by my fav Prem- don’t miss it)
What a shameful and irresponsible show by our visual media (print doesn’t impact so immediate- that’s the only solace, not that they were better). They were virtual feeders for the terrorists. (some one in the net had asked – do they think the terrorists see only cartoon network and so were giving a blow by blow account of NSG preps? Sigh)
Actually we shall all cry and decry in various ways and carry on and that’s what the politicos bank on. So, what can we do, u ask. Create such a big public opinion, state all your feelings on the govt handling of such issues and blow it big. Go voice it on all forums. Sure, a public op can be built. Write to your favorite channels, newspapers and blog them. What else can we do? If you can try and put some sense to any one that matters in the political arena. Let it start trickling in.
BTW where are these Thackarey jokers? Do they want only Maratha mannus to be killed by the terrorists? Or do they want only the maratha warriors to fight the terrorists. Oh! Poor Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, he went, fought valiantly and gave his life for all of us. Politics anybody? Hey Raj! Where art thou? Come you invertebrate, show up!
Actually now I see it coming! The govt and the TV channels are all seeing the end (real end of this show, now) and shall start crowing a few fading sound bytes -Pakistan, ISI, foreign, and shift focus to the next show. Jai Hind!

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