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Monday, May 04, 2009

Election scene

phew..actually hardly anything interesting happening aint?
Last time I thought that for the next elections, i should tour North India as always hear it would be very colourful. But I hardly see anything very noteworthy..
the general interest level is so could see that the public have not even been coming forward and voting! the turn out has been so low at most places.
Add to this my busy schedule. Lotsa of touring and I did not even cover many of them here like the trips to point return & solitude organised on behalf of restore and really dirtied our hands and learnt lots. (at restore we organise such farm visits for our volunteers and customers to bring them all to the farm- to get an insight of the amount of work at farm, to have hands on experience, interact with real farmers, see how our produce is grown/ processed, etc). Now I digress, thats for another day.
coming back to elections, the best one that comes from my memory is reserved for Herr. Devi lal! During one of the elections in 80s he had the gumption to address a crowd in haryana that "the central govt is extracting current from our river water(hydel power stations!) and release the water without any power and so we farmers are struggling..". Needless to say here that he won!
Some are ofcourse trying to match that. MK always leads the pack in that. His pronouncements on Srilankan tamils issue has always been non stop nonsense and a good entertainment.
But kalyan singh is leading this time I guess- what with his great secular jump and hand holding with Mr.Secular- Mulayam, he is really freaking out each day with all his talent. He was misled by the top leaders of BJP, he is always for the minority, etc..But remember he did that once already by jumping out of BJP crying wolf and then went back and backed up his majority sentiments and now another flip flop..oh! what wud these creatures do when they see the mirror? ofcourse Laloo as always freaks out and talks bad about the same govt that he was a part of like ramdosses. Pawar always is the only alternative to Deve gowda in such election tamashas..
but still to report of some good see Iam already thinking hard to post another story here..such has the election come to these days..even entertainment value is low..
But all u folks, do exercise your vote, lest someone else does that!

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