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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anna Hazare on fast..

Heard of Anna Hazare? Pl see here .
He is an amazing person who transformed a village (a failing one at that) in to a model village. Brought about lotsa change and improved livelihoods. There was a detailed serial on him in pasumai vikatan (a tamil agri mag from the vikatan house).
His deeds are so impressive. The most striking for me is his work on watershed management. Later on he also became a big champion of RTI (Right to information Act) and has many achievements to his credit in that facet too. See here and here for more info. He, with his ingenious ways and ideas, transformed a barren & desolate village and uplifted so many rural lives. The village became self sufficient infusing all his idea(l)s touching ecology, environment, self sufficiency, upliftment of downtrodden, getting rid of drinking problem in the community, micro financing, local market n coop, community irrigation and what not! What impressed me the most is water conservation as the first point of his ventures and I always feel that water conservation shud be the moot point to any eco restoration or for any livelihood question.
A cricketer, ex-service man and a big social activist! What a resume!!

BTW what bothers me now is he is to go on a fasting from Oct 2nd. Pl see here ! He is fighting against corruption- yes, one of the rare champions against corruption today.
With elections due in Maharashtra will politicos play some tricks and hush him up?
I wish more people recognize his work and help him in Maharashtra. And he gets to have a say in maha-politics.
Pl follow this development closely and wish for his success folks!

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