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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fine Dining!

Ahem, We all know about places like Krishna sweets, ananda bhavan, etc and the special dishes they dish out..but we also don’t expect a big service nor other decent frills since our expectation is only to gobble some of those select speciality dishes of theirs..
But when it comes to special dining and with really ‘special’ (read v high) rates then our expectations soar. We put up with high rates many times because of the service offered or many other addl qualities like:
- good ambiance if not extraordinary
- neat & clean tables, table cloth, glasses
- refilling of water regularly
- good filtered water without ‘hand dipped’ effects
- no naive waiters and NO nose picking
- taking orders promptly and ensuring they all come
- no repeated reminders for every silly thing
There is this new outlet Krishna sweets have opened called ‘Rasam’. Inspite of some real good n unique items like cauliflower idiyappam, ilaneer payasam, karupatti halwa, exotic soups, etc they failed in all (yes, ALL) of the above qualities.
Why do such people who cant deliver try to step up? Its not any great special science to know the qualities u need to graduate to fine dining. IMHO saravanas is a simple middle class restaurant cleanly surpassing anybody’s expectations esp any demanding cleanliness criteria and is as good or better than any fine dining expensive outlets.
But I really fail to get the sudden urge and kick these people get to up the ante.
I know that Krishna sweet’s service is bad at their regular outlets like the ones in Tnagar or Adyar but I still put up with it bcos they are the just a shade better than the road side shops but have some special dishes. Though I chide myself the rare times I go there again (poor failing memory) but this ‘fine dining’ Rasam- I shouldn’t go again, for sure. That just isn’t worth. The amount of tension u handle after repeating the order or reminding them about the missed dishes or plead for water or clean glass is like having driven some 15 kms in banglaore or Delhi @ peak hour. Just not worth it.

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