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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls better than boys!

No, am not going to cut paste some joke here..
Iam of the activities that kept me busy last week was to screen a movie on GM (poison on the platter) in various schools and follow it up with a talk and Q&A session. Restore’s joint venture with another NGO- prakriti.
I was really impressed with lots of relevant and intelli questions posed by the students. The girls generally got in a bit more serious and would listen and question more. The girls only school like Vidyodaya was best. That was a great experience..they posed lots of questions and also weighed your answers seriously. BTW they even applauded a good question from their schoolmate and would also vociferously support any good (in their opinion) reply of any student:-) But they did applaud and almost pushed me to take the mike again- encore types. I was touched. infact I enjoyed every moment of this show.
Hope they all start to think in the right direction and walk to a healthy future.



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