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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Many things happening! no time as usual and so here comes a quick whirl update on many items..

Rajasekhara Reddy sorry for his family & friends..otherwise I wish such untimely deaths to politicians teach them enough lesson and they stop their amassing- intermittently atleast and do some useful contributions..what ever and how much ever they amass, many times the untimely death leaves the swiss banks & such likes to enjoy all these ill gotten money..even their nearest kins do not get a major share..I find that as a poetic justice but wish these politrickos learn..

On RR again- am not happy with all these eulogies being showered now and suddenly making him some angel just bcos of his sudden death! He was never the saint they all make him to be..he had a very tainted bloody path, big accusations of amassing wealth (obviously in wrong ways), involvement in most AP scandals incl our golden boy Raju, typical congress growth, etc. am happy atleast one commentator has written about his antecedents here (thx Nats)

as for those who committed suicide bcos their beloved leader died..hugh..what say? Didn’t they do the right thing?

BJP is the entertainer of the (last) month..oh of petty fights and scramblings..silly pranks..hasty and funny accusations..a team that’s not a team..a party that’s not a party..ha haa..but whats this about Jinnah and them..

Jaswant can only be a liar to state what he has (if he has) in that book..come on, don’t ask me if I read that book..I never will even if jaswant were to share all his dough (he makes from this controversy/book sale) with me..(incidentally remember he created some flutters like this last time he released a book and kept quiet when asked for some prrof?)

And for such a man to now accuse of lotsa things and people..all these rear end thinkers piss me off. WTF was he doing there all these days? If Advani was rot, the party’s decisions were rot, many of the leaders were rot, future leaders are rot, many decisions of his ministry was rot..may be only his flight to Kandahar was right..oh! BTW he makes the best choice to become the next DMK leader..he can freak out there..some one pl tell him, he has a future there.. and that he can still stick to that Public accounts committee and all those groundnuts & cashew freebies that comes along. Cheapos..

But am very happy that BJP, RSS all are proving to be mass entertainers..may be they changed strategy to win over people.

There is a draconian law introduced in a very hasty manner on the last day of the last session along with some 29 other laws in some 20 minutes.

This TN bill is to stop traditional agricultural practices and to move the farming systems towards western interest. (remember the KIA signed by the last central govt silently along with those noisy 123 pact?)

So prolly the western masters have read that TN with this non-government is the best place to test waters..may be they are right..not many even know of this law..No one other than a person whose name is borne on the register shall practice as Agricultural consultant within the State of Tamil Nadu or render Agricultural services. Indirectly stopping all those practicing traditional farming and the knowledge/torch bearers but letting the big chemical companies of the west dictate the future of our agriculture. How nice!

On the same topic: There is a “CONSULTATION ON TAMIL NADU STATE AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL ACT, 2009” at 10 am on 9th September 2009 at ICSA Centre, 107 Pantheon Road, (opp. Govt. Museum), Egmore, Chennai. If you can, participate.

Ok, that’s already cooling my heel at blore..ok, not really cooling but enjoying the cool clime here..among other things I would also attend a South Asian conference of the Organic farming community at GKVK campus for 3 days. Hoping to meet lotsa interesting more stories beckon.


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