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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unnai pol Oruvan

literally translated it means: One like you..referring to the much cliched 'common man'..
remember A wednesday, I wrote here long back? A very well made movie- very contemporary and original in ideas..
That movie has apparently impressed kamal so much, he jumped in and (re)made it in Tamizh as Unnai pol oruvan..

Its just for those who haven't seen the hindi original. If you haven't seen the hindi version, happily go and watch it,for this nice, simple, different thriller can impress you. No songs, no fights and just 90-100 mins movie! Even the Tamizh version!!
Believe me, this Tamizh version is no patch on the original. Not even Kamal could match Nasrudeen Shah. So no need to mention about Mohanlal's role which was done by Anupam Kher. These 2 guys would have given extraordinary performances earlier(and can still give), but here they werent needed or this didnt excite them.

one thing that stood out in this movie was the close up shots of the old veteran actress Laksmi. hmm, what could be the reason to have such close up shot? some sort of a fear factor for a thriller movie? or is that chottu photographer of salangai oli (yes, that chappie is the director of this movie)employing those funny talents of salangai oli still? that was funny! All this when you couldnt even gather a reason as to why did that role need some one like Laksmi who is supposed to freak out on meaty roles. She is wasted here.

Then there is the kamal's trademark cheapo panning on to MK's house and the Chief secretary's car leaving from MK's house, MK"s voice as the CM on thrills those were..infact in the original there was scope to ridicule the CM, Chief sec and teh governance, where as here thats all lost..only Kamal can come out with suck pranks.remember the Bush look alike in dasavatharam and all those talks of organising a show of that movie for Bush? ROTFL..what if the Bushy fella had actually seen it:-)

All said and done, this is still a neat movie esp for the first timers..No songs, less than 2 hours hollywood style presentation, slick & simple portrayal are all to be welcomed and encouraged.
But please dont see the original till you have seen this. That can spoil the fun, everywise.

Update 1: forgot to mention the usage of too much of English, how ever impressive though. some sentences like " answer in binary..yes or no..", " This terrorist is currency and community agnostic.." ain't that too much?

Update 2: After the movie (at Maayajal) we went to the Arusuvai Arasu restaurant. and came up with the brilliant idea to get even with another friend of ours - of getting a ticket to the movie Kandasamy and order 'chilly parotta' from arusuvai. No better way to get even with any one u wanna penalise no ends. now, if u happen to step in to that arusuvai restaurant, just ask for the menu card and eat that. They are not going to serve you any thing better for sure;-)



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