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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Diwali!

No! My opinion on Diwali is the same..I still go by what I said 2 years back here
Most of the festivals in the olden days came with lotsa thoughts and reasons..Many were to support livelihoods- like the Navrathri/golu for craftsmen, karthigai for potters, Diwali for weavers, etc.
In a predominantly agrarian society (then!) this was nice way to distribute- business, wealth, happiness! In a time when consumerism was never the order of the day and excess, greed, etc were not part of day to day activity, these festivals helped.
But now, in these days of excessive consumerism and amassing things – is it still relevant? Except the well deserved day off and in some cases family get together.
Can you think how many pairs of dresses, socks, shoes, spects, wallets, coolers each of uis have got? So where is this “new dress” funda still relevant?
But festivals are festivals..with or without the intended intentions rit?
If you could avoid crackers (for obvious reasons) and the buying spree, well and good for the ecology and ur next gen.
Meanwhile if you still think you need to spend on clothes and other stuff, pl walk to the nearest orphanage or old age home and donate. Or just buy them some dresses.
If some one should celebrate (including fire crackers) its these orphans, IMHO.
Here, If you cant walk or find one such deserving orphanage, here is one that comes with my full reco. Sevalaya!
Yes, some of you wud have got a personal mail in this regard about their requirement of contributions to buy dresses for the kids out there. Pl do help them if you can.
In any case- happy diwali!



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