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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perannmai review

This Jhananathan’s movie is different. Worth a watch..a different storyline..

Paisa vasool 1: The opening shot is a pro- organic sentence:-)
Paisa vasool 2: There is s song about organic farming (vairamuthu!)
Paisa vasool 3: Location- its just amazing!
Paisa vasool 4: a diff and daring plot for tamil movie (inspite of the unnecessary dramatics)
Paisa vasool 5: No no around-the-tree duets..infact songs are just interlaced with some scenes /story in the background.(ok, except one)
This guy Jeyam ravi has matured as an actor and has taken his role seriously and given a good performance. A kamal like 'kovanam' clad opening shot! As it is he is a tall handsome fella who does decent he has worked hard, most evident in his toned & tanned body.
It’s a new storyline..some 5 NCC girls and the Hero get stuck in the forests and (ya hold ur breath) unravel a foreign mercenary/terrorist group plot to shoot down an Indian satellite to be launched. (hey, wasn’t that Trotsky maruthu as the scientist head?) To be Launched for what? The 1st satellite to be launched to help organic farming. That was stretching the organic obsession a bit too much, even for me;-)
Ok, there are so many dramatic scenes, unwanted and stretched dialogs about a tribal lad coming out, his choice of books, etc.. There are also some heavy rocket launchers, land mine detectors, range of sophisticated m/c guns..But we have seen so many Heroes handle such variety from vanilla Cruise to vendaikai Vijay..
So that shall pass, even if its illogical and seems ridiculous at times..
That’s not all, there are times when the girls ( NCC cadets from some college) act beyond any respite or logic and then continue to do some crazy stuff with out any remorse..but suddenly turn patriotic and follow this hero to thwart foreign terorrists.. then there is the rambo or terminator like shooting and bombing (in all directions) with low or no casualty.
Inspite of all these I still claim this is worth a watch..There are some sharp and good dialogs..location and camera are fantastic..some good pace at times and sudden spurts of good suspense and racy takes..some thrilling scenes amidst lots of dramatized scenes..
If only the director had concentrated a bit more and reduced some of the annoying silly pranks of the girls in to more funny and lighter ones and added more suspense and speed, it would been excellent. But now its just short of it..Kudos for the daring venture..and my personal pat for including organic gyan in the movie..3 additional stars for that.



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