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Monday, October 19, 2009

GEAC approval and (y)our future

So the GEAC (Genetic Engineering Approval Committee) has approved BT brinjal. That indeed was expected, for they will only tow the corporate line. Monsanto (their devil partner in India - Mahyco) obviously is pulling the strings, what with their command over the agri ministry, university and industry.
Now that this committee has passed the BT Brinjal without any proper study or transparency, shud not the GEAC members or their chief be held responsible for any hazard or disastrous consequence?
There has not been much mention in the media or the necessary reflection for such a shameless push of a very serious issue. Kerala govt (their CM and the agri minister) have sent their objections and have really voiced out well. But none else has been making any noise in the political arena, except the PMK in tamilnadu:-(
Hmm..its a shame..more importantly very serious concern. But why will governments care if their pay masters are ordering so.
Even ignoring the health concerns there is a big devil out there..the farmers will henceforth have to depend on these corporates for seeds. So the arm twisting and all other US corporate strategies will be on display. So our future shall be with Monsanto & other cohorts.
An UN-sponsored four-year review, involving more than 400 international scientists and chaired by Professor Robert Watson, had already concluded that GM technologies were unlikely to have more than a limited role in tackling global hunger.(thats the british way of saying GM is of no use). So what is their argument now going to be if the much orchestrated yield is not going to be true? Don’t they understand that global hunger is as much to do with power, distribution and control of the food (system) as with growing enough food. So where should you improve first? On the seeds and genes is it??
See here: Need more proof?
This is like an African country believing a 'fair and lovely' advertisement and unilaterally prescribing it to all their citizens. Will we not ask whether the Africans need to become white?(fair?) And even if yes, who determines that this is the right product?? Likewise here Monsanto and their coterie is jumping up and down stating , their Genetically modified (read tampered/manipulated) seed is the solution. BTW whats the problem? did any one check?

Now we need the following asap
1/ More awareness. Spread the menace called GM and why only 13 countries world wide have approved this and what is the urgency for India to join this blind band?
2/ More people to take up this issue at all levels with the govt and its agencies
3/ Meanwhile on a different plane – strict labeling clauses required. As it is regulation in India is a joke. So the labels as they are now wont help. Hence get the provisions for labels very strict. Need to mention any GM product on the label. (also all ingredients clearly.)

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