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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ooty Devastation! Man made?

I went to ooty as a part of my travel to visit various farms..
Ooty was cold. More importantly devastated..
This recent heavy rainfall has left ooty totally wrecked and damaged. So was it just a natural disaster?
May be, but forced by us..we, the mankind, have been so callous and have tested the nature’s patience that this is what we can get on ourselves..
Iam visiting Ooty after more than a decade and the number of new buildings and commercial expansion (development??) was illogical.
How many more buildings (houses, hotels, restaurants, shops) will be keep piling up on all sides of the hill? How many trees shall be cut for that?
Then how do we make this damage such a big issue?
Firstly reaching ooty was a many diversions..most roads were cut one has to go longer and in rough temporary paths..really scary..
So many buildings, farmlands have all just slid and fell..many places looked like a big JCB was at work..just carved buildings and establishments along with huge soil beneath..railway line and a few bogies were washed off near Ketti, I was told..
Many places didn’t have the roads..roads and huge chunks of land have just been carved and thrown few metres below..
One pathetic sight was a garage blown to some 50 metres smashed up like papdams and thrown apart..
The govt and other orgnsns are talking of huge losses and ofcourse compensation..None is talking about the agricultural loss! Funnily I had chosen a wrong time to visit farms, but I proceeded with my trip to take a first hand view of the damage..
phew, that was too much..
Many agri lands have just been carved out..There are no proper water ways..NO! There is no place for sewage, so where will there be plans or path for water..that too excess water..
So people simply resigned to fate and started calling it water volcanoes or such like new names... the damage caused was of tsunamic proportions..
If the govt and people together don’t get to understand that we actually got it on ourselves by just turning a blind eye to the mindless ‘development’ there is no way out..we shall have more losses and ofcourse more compensations!
Greed is the major cause.
See this to get a better picture: There is a dam under the defence control ( Katteri) out there in the open up the gates and let water out they have specific steps / rules to follow (like informing public by drumming up on each locality, informing collector, checking various water ways etc). Since the water levels behind the dam rose, they chose to silently open the gates and let the water go along with the rain more damage..this news is still only featured in the word of mouth concerns by the locals..there was a resort operating in an ‘unapproved’ place and there was a major wash out..many lives lost..but that never made news to save some local authorities and bad publicity for the hospitality industry!
Many land slips, wiped out roads, damaged houses, agri losses and we shall still see no correction, hmm..
we have no reason to shed croc tears unless there is path correction..
else we can keep chronicling about natural calamities and compensation to glory.

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