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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sachin - a gentleman? a role model??

You see and hear Sachin Tendulkar all around? Its more bcos the media decided to use that thread now, for lack of anything else spicy..we all know their regular 'news deprivation syndrome', don’t we?
Why is 20 years any special? Especially when every outing, every century, every move of his has been celebrated..
I accept some of his strokes and innings are the best you can get to see in cricket. For me the back foot punch screaming to cover boundary splitting the fielders is an unbelievable stroke..and it has been produced too many times and so is the best shot of his.
But I do have lotsa questions esp now that they are ‘over glorifying’ this demi-god..
-has he ever delivered some sensible sentence, even on cricket except the mundane- bowlers didn’t bowl well, batsmen didn’t bat well or such like..
-has he ever stood up to any nonsense diktat of the selectors. Mind you, if he didn’t (or cant) none can..for he is the god of ticket sales all over the world even today. So in his prime he shud have stood up to them..but did he?
-Actually one hears his voice only when he is endorsing some rubbish product for some crores..
-Remember Pulela Gopichand? He refused to endorse pepsi or any cola just after his All England win. He said he wouldn’t endorse any wrong/unhealthy product to next gen!
-Will sachin ever do something like that? Oh! Well, we hear he wudnt drink the competitior’s nice?
-Oh yeah! Remember how he used his clout and pull to avoid paying the tax for a Ferrari? Oops that Ferrari itself came free and he wanted to avoid the tax too..hmm what a standard to set aint for the youngsters?
-Has he ever voiced something politically correct or more so against something (politically) wrong?
-I remember reading (in Madhavan’s report or some such 100+ page document) that almost all bookies attended his marriage! If true what a sham! Esp when so much noise was made that it was very personal and none including the press and big wigs were invited. (I accept that part of not welcoming press and others..but the presence of all bookies, hmm?)
-If many incidents like that of Azhars, prabhakar’s siddu’s, Cronje’s etc
happened so close to your room or right under your nose, what should your reaction be? what do u expect from some star like this? A role model, eh?

I still accept that he is a class act. I do accept some of his innings are fantastic to watch even today. Also his conduct as a player in & off the field, his matured way of carrying his head well in tact above his shoulder all through. There are so many pluses.
I do accept his slips especially in the recent past and I do (almost) endorse every word of Prem’s thoughts on this recently (and do check the link to his earlier take).

But what I cant stand the most is his failure to stand up and set an example..
So I really object to this inundation of adulation. I will question his stand and stature outside the arena..I feel we have every right to question that..He is a great in this game, but not a gentleman and definetly not the god or role model the mass media is trying to portray him to be.



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