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Friday, November 13, 2009

Adyar poonga

We all know that Settlements historically have always been along water ways...we also know that in the recent past (4-5 decades) mankind has screwed up the waterways-by encroaching water ways and waterbodies ignoring the fact their dependence on these very water bodies. If its not encroached then we have dumped - effluents, debris and what not? So there is a Pressing need for sincere and urgent revival of waterways and lost ecology around them.
One such step towards eco-restoration and sustainability is Adyar Poonga in the heart of Chennai.
This is a 58 acre land which was abused by the urbans (fruits of development & urbanization!) to dump all their wastes! Hmm..wastes in to water body..that too in a creek, estuary..the loss? The flora & fauna- typical estuarine birds and aquatic, semi aquatic lives.
This poonga project apart from the 10s of 1000s of varieties of tress that have been planted will also bring back saline ecosystem like the crabs, insects and fish. So a whole gamut of flora and fauna surfaces to its old glory in the famous Adyar creek:-)
The man behind all this is Joss Brooks- the same aurovillian, who did a great recovery at pitchandikulam forest! More on that here.
Iam amazed at this man’s passion, energy and great work in the few times I have met him since couple of weeks. Its fascinating to know that he has tons of knowledge and more importantly executing this project with such finesse and ease covering all aspects- beauty, nature, walkways, enviro friendly, sustainable, community involved, Govt minus bribes and this list gets bigger & bigger.
The estuary part that has seen some recovery already has some unique birds showing up. There has been quite some species spotted here these days.
Many school kids come here to get an environment initiation. There is a cute little exhibition and his team of able players like Dr.Karim and Preston add so much value. Another very striking aspect of this project is the involvement of the Govt arms in a very professional manner and the community too.
Iam thrilled at the prospect of pitching some things here..I wish to really steal as much time as possible and invest worth every bit of it..its already a great place in my opinion..and to leave such a show case of a park/garden for the next gen is unbelievable..
For more info see here
So a new association starts for me..hope to get more info here as things progress..
BTW this is open to public only from Nov 2010. so wait till then except when I call you for some tree planting or such like programs out here.

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