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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yay! BT Brinjal out, for sometime..

Kudos to Jairam Ramesh! He did live up to his words..did a round collating views from all parts of India..and evaluate he did and came up with a genuine verdict.
But from the beginning I have been a bit worried about the whole issue becoming BT Brinjal centric..Now what about other GM foods?
Jairam himself is not clear and is not as emphatic in that as he is in Brinjal case.
So may be there is a ploy! may be some hidden agenda!
may be Brinjal is a trade off for the Monsantos..

But still, lets rejoice for a day or two and then focus on GM foods.. Genetic modification has no Business in our food. yes, pun intended.

I should admit, jairam Ramesh indeed has infused some hope in to our democratic process. That really needs recognition and appreciation.
But caution for all else concerning GM food.

Update: do see this impressive doc that the minister has put up. But my doubt(then and now) about this protest being turned more as BT brinjal than GM food in general continues.