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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bottled water er waste!!

pl see this.
The story of stuff is generally a great phenomenal insight in to how our stuff are being mishandled and wastes really wasted..
In this case it’s a fantastic story of the bottled water- another of the corporate tricks to fool us in to being their customer. Who doesn’t want free money, eh?

see this you tube video too..this fantastic..

Now to some serious thoughts:
Did you know?
1/ that the plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals like bisphenol in to the water esp due to heat in cars etc?

2/ Behind each bottle is oil (fossil fuel) which otherwise could have been used up for cars?

3/ that 90% of the bottles end up as garbage? Inspite of all those tall claims of recycle?

4/ that the ones that end up in landfills will be there as a mark of our irresponsibility for millions of years!

5/ that tonnes of PET bottles from California travelled all the way to Madras as waste (in the guise of recycle) and got illicitly dumped!

6/ that 1500 bottles get trashed every second!

7/ that in a test conducted by an NGO in the US, almost all leading brands of bottled water failed the basic health standards?

What can we do??
W & myself have not bought a bottle since 3+ years! We carry our own stainless steel container. Regulars here know that we lived a month tour of North east India without buying a bottle! (ok, ignore that error in the delayed train) We lived just by refilling hot water in to our stainless steel containers!
Its so easy.. Its just a mind set tricked by the advertisements that the bottled ones are safer.

These days there are better options than the Klean Kanteen mentioned here ..infact there are the thermos ones that can hold your water cold or hot for hours to come.. so go buy them and do note that it is a good gift too!

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