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Sunday, February 21, 2010

at last he is out!

ya, Piyush is out and personally, thats a cause of joy for me and many more..
But am shocked and irritated that it took so long!

That speaks of our rotting system..but the plus side is he got an unconditional bail..
see here, already am rejoicing the fact than brooding about the malaise of the system. It took more than 3 weeks and for nothing he was booked under sedition!
Get what iam indicating..
The whole idea of the corporate cohorts (its immaterial which politico was behind) was to frustrate him and to break his back..if it was most of us, they wud have achieved, but not in Piyush's case. They will have the favours returned soon:-) i wish its in game to stand up and support. But the whole thing stinks..
He is booked for sedition! Anti national –
for what? Trying to distribute pamphlets!
On what ? The displacement of tribals in Chattisgarh in the name of development!
ok. a pamphlet about some serious cause in a far state! Ok, if its a crime, but firstly did u see the catch word?
'try to distribute..'
oh! so he didnt actually distribute??
so then whats the crime here?
And so what he or his lawyer now will defend..
phew..thats all above logic or sense..but we shud learn to live with all this nonsense..bcos we are run by such efficient lots!
I know, am digressing...but what can a small fry like me do except to crib here in the virtual world. I seriously felt so helpless during this whole episode and still feel..
back to this case:
The lower court didnt give the bail. So much for the judicial system esp at the lower rungs.. u seriously think that small court magistrates can deliver a fair judgement and lead a safe life out there locally?
So it had to be taken up at the higher court. So high court, Madras. Again the system. dog ate the 1st page, pigeon didnt deliver the second page, etc..So u waste a few more days.
Any way The judge out here had given a lengthy order (or what do they call that?) including the arguments of his counsel the indomitable Dr.Suresh (of PUCL) and also had apparently highlighted about the freedom of expression as in the constitution.
If these guys- the corporate cohorts and their dance babies called police has any shame (or soranai or its equivalent) they shud go get a new life. (Or even better end this life, thooo)
I wish these fellas should be booked for dereliction of duty, misuse and what not..grt grt..

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