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Monday, February 15, 2010

What a shame..

Sedition..for distributing nay, for trying to distribute pamphlets about the state of tribals in my dear friend Piyush is still in prison..
Still, I mean well over 3 weeks:-(
Among many things (like I have chronicled about him many times) he is an organic farmer, a sincere well wisher of the society, a fantastic activist, well meaning human being, a good trainer, inimitable father and what not..i have seen all these roles very closely..
And he is being marked as anti-national and booked under sedition..
Its only a shame to the police and the Govt..
But the fact is his family and all his friends are under severe distress..

to what extent all these govt. machineries and the political cohorts can go to harass a good fella is unimaginable…
May be, just may be, they may achieve what they strive for- to dissuade more of us to come out and do what folks like Piyush does..
Can we belie that and stand by such struggles and most importantly with people like Piyush?

Shame on TN govt! ofcourse home ministry needn’t be mentioned here, it esp under this minister is known for only one way..

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