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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oh so green!

one thing that caught my eyes amidst all these melee is the great Green building constructed for the TN assembly! oh! green and our politicos..
But our media innocently gobbles up that spin!
without even batting an eyelid..
hey this building itself was not ready but the grand gala opening with all those tons of vinyl boards - as green as ever boards, thousands of tube lights as per our Tamizh culture and all those other associated wastes went ahead as planned. Since the top dome (or what ever ceiling they had decided) wasnt ready yet, the CM being a movie loyalist called the famous movie art director and had him do up a temporary setting. for 2 crores rupees!
NO! I aint joking..dont insult our CM!
But the best part of all this was the way our media behaved..
all of the media (esp english media) faithfully carried first page news about the grand gala opening and about this being the first ever green assembly in the world!

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