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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wine, women, weeds..

Hmm..smack smack, eh?
Did any of u guess am going to talk cricket here?
No chance, even if modi were to rig this survey..

Are you so naive to think the good old gentleman’s game is still benignly associated with beer & chips..sorry then u better don’t read further..

Post Azhar, one wud be tempted to suspect anything in much that Azhar, prabakar, Cronje et al casted on cricket..Azhar was so bad and dirty that Cong even rewarded him with an MP seat. What better prize for this betting scam and other underworld dealings. Great, eh..
But evolution is norm aint?
So this beautiful game slowly moves towards growth..and enter Modi – now we know he is so capable that he can commit all crimes single handedly- from weeds to women to betting to rigging to political maneuvering to tax evasion to ..phew, am tired..
So whats ur doubt about crickets growth in the above said mode?
Modi is linked to so many scams, gossips around its going to be very tuff to separate truth from rumours (esp the vendetta ones!)..I guess he has rubbed too many people on the wrong side.
I still cannot fathom private jet and all these sudden wealthy strides. What gumption, eh?
Some how iam reminded of Telgi fella and I thinks its as murky and deep as that and he has to be saved as well as culled by the politicos to save their rear lets watch this closely.This is really getting better, far better than most matches in IPL.

PS: hey,by any chance are these games reminding you guys of WWF? or am I alone there?

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