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Saturday, April 10, 2010

moi on Radio- 105.6 FM

Through my good friend and blogger(oops, is it ex-blogger nos going by the frequency at which he blogs these days) Thennavan, I was called by Gyanvani- a community FM radio channel under the All India Radio. This is being broadcast today, saturday, april 10th at 7.35pm. There is a repeat 2moro, sunday morning at 7.40am.
This was free wheeling interview on Organic farm, farmer, produce etc..
It was nice interview..
Those of u who can, try and listen..
ofcourse give me a feedback of what should I have included or changed or not said..
otherwise, it was a fun experience for me and so just to share my fun, u listen.

BTW they gave me an envelope when I left and I was so eager to see that, which I could only after I was out of their campus. It was a cheque for Rs.400/-!!!! my only earning since I returned back to india 4 years back! nice feeling, eh!

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