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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

mention in Kumudam

There is a mention in Kumudam about yours truly and a foto too. How ever bad it is 'my foto has come in Kumudam';-)
BTW am yet to own a copy..once i get it and if i can scan , u can get to see that here..
giving any link here will not be helpful as kumudam is a paid site.
This is about chemically and artificially ripening of mangoes and tips to identify them.
ofcourse about virtues of organic fruits.
inspite of me goading them to write a line about restore, they didnt:-(

now all you say this aloud. If I need to buy Mangoes, i shall buy organic and if I need organic mangoes in Chennai i shall buy from restore.
did u say that aloud? lemme check how the crowds swell after this...

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