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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Blore- bomb,office boy and police..

So Blore is as much dangerous as many other soft cities in India..a shame..yes..and this recent shoot out in IISc on innocent scientists is a terrible shame..
But see how Blore police reacted the very next day!
An office boy working in my friend’s office was going back after a long day at work back home to Electronics city. This benign looking (all of 20 years!) was stopped by the Blore police and questioned.
Well.. wait before u ask whats wrong in “questioning” these days..
But this chap has said he is coming back from work, showed his identification card etc and asked to call his employer if needed. But this cop was not interested in these documents but only in which “gandhi’s” photo was and so fleeced this fella of Rs100/-

What a shame..not only terrorists take you for a ride, these supposed guardians too!
So how do you expect the Blore police, with such efficient guys around, to stall or investigate terrorist incidents. And why will Abu salems or any other pak/bangla “tourist” er..i mean terrorist have a cake walk here..just flashing a higher denomination..

Need I say this innocent office boy quit his job?
So ladies and Gmen! The police force is hunting for the offenders and my friend is hunting for a new office boy! Pl inform the respective if you find any…
Shame ..shame..Blore cops..


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