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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Driving (me) crazy…

The drivers here from madras can straight away drive in Europe, for sure..they are almost used to driving on the right side of the lanes u see..
Normally they say, across the globe, to walk against the oncoming traffic. Hence u walk on the left in the west and on the right in the common wealth countries..but here in madras (may be to a larger extent in India) u prolly walk on the left as that’s what is the ‘oncoming side'. If u do walk like that, u may notice that the vehicles coming from the side lanes racing to join the main road traffic, just don’t expect u (or anyone) to be walking..they just whizzz past..They are totally oblivious to any traffic meant to come on their ‘right‘ side, forget the “walkers”
oh, man! When will we graduate to a bunch of sensible driving citizens??


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