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Friday, January 13, 2006

stupid cable connexion and chennai..

The channels like ESPN, Star, Ten, cartoon (hey thats my fav esp tom and jerry),HBO, discovery, etc come for free in Blore (and in most part of India!), where as in chennai u need to buy a set top box and pay for these paid channels..
that means if I need to see the India pak series now, I pay 4k for the STB and additional charges of 150 - 230 depending what all channels u need..
so after shelling out all that grudgingly, all I get to see is the Pak batters sending our guys on a leather hunt! hmm..
stupid chennai cable rules and unimaginative bowling n fielding by Indians ruined my day (week?)

On another issue in Chennai, there were some noises made against the burning of old things (due to Bogi festival) esp tyres and other plastics. This used to cause lot of ill effects, the major one being delay in air traffic on this day! Looks like these noises made worked! esp the various marches organised thru/by many schools should have had an impact. IMHO the students are receptive to moral points if conveyed well. Hope this good trend continues to many other issues as well.

note: Thanks to Thennavan for linking here and enabling more eyeballs to GNI's DVS..gr8 gesture that mukundan!


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