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Saturday, January 14, 2006

sooper star Cho and pongol...

Cho is one of the best and the most daring of journalists in India. IMHO he will be an irreplacable media TN as well as whole of India!
Every year he delivers a speech on various topics (mainly politics) and answers questions from his readers on 14th of Jan.Needless to say he has a very appreciable and intelligent readership (though small)..This is a much awaited speech for many readers of his like me and this year it was on 14th Jan, satday at 10.30am!!
Thats where he proved what an unique media person he is! This meet was in Naradagana sabha and some 1000s had already filled the whole hall even by 9.00am! Goes to prove what a sooper star he is..Amazing!
Asusual he started off with his typical intro of his whole thuglak gang and faced questions from readers. Then gave a speech covering a wide spectrum of affairs incl Indian cricket, ganguly, politix, corruption, current controversies, terrorism, rajini, his op on the coming TN elections, etc - in his inimitable satirical way.
He dug at MK, JJ, Vaiko and many of the TN politicians in his style, took even personal and tough questions withease and sprayed with his typical humor statements. Most of them in the crowd wud definetly have had red and swollen hands due to severe claps so frequently all thru the meet.
The meet slated for 10.30 started exactly on dot (actually it wud have made news if he had not been punctual)and with apologies for holding it on a pongol day morning! He did take a dig at the secretary of Naradagana sabha, his friend for 45 years,in his typical style. Thanks to my friends Krishna and KC, I had the very rare opportunity of sitting on the 1st row (there were some friends who were stranded outside the hall and viewed the prog on TV, happened to see me on the TV bcos of this vantage position..he hee..they r fuming with J!)
As always, his meeting ended with all of us singing the National Anthem in rapt attention! A great atmosphereand fantastic crowd to be a part of, every year!
3 cheers to CHO and his team!

PS: Happy pongol to all u who celeberate pongol..believe me! any harvest related festival across the globe is the best of all festivals and let us also thank the farmers who are instrumental in us getting our food, what ever form it ultimately takes;-)

Update (15th Jan): Forgot to mention- Did u ever know who that "Vinod" who writes review with flowery english quotes, on various TV programs in Thuglak is?? It was a news(atleast for me)!! Its none other than Ra.Ki. Rangarajan!!!


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